Supply Chain

We are specialists in the design, optimization and management of supply chains in the industrial sector, with more than 15 years of experience in Latin America.

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Drone Services

Applying the latest advances in aeronautical technology, based on the specific needs of our customers, we design platforms and services that will allow you to overcome the challenges of a business in constant evolution.

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We offer intelligent solutions in software development and mobile applications, which guarantee the fulfillment of the expectations and goals of your organization.

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Six trends in energy that will mark 2019

2019 promises to be an exciting year for clean technologies. A growing number of countries, companies and regions are committed to sustainable energy generation and the landscape is evolving rapidly. These are six trends announced by WOREA *, an international association born in early December from the union between WREA (The World Renewable Energy Association) and World Of Renewables


From commercial drones, to cognitive developments, the technology wants to face the new age of artificial intelligence with these allies. Eréndira Reyes / @eresinaeresina MEXICO CITY (Expansion) - Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said during her Build developer conference that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will promote better medical care, create a more inclusive and accessible society and

Solar globe produces 400 times more energy than traditional panel

Although it is still in the experimental stage, the solar balloon could far surpass the traditional panele that we know to this day. Clean Energy XXI.- The 2018 is shaping up as the year of technological advances and the global positioning of sustainable solar energy. The costs of new technologies to generate clean solar energy are in free fall


Our business is based on consulting services, therefore our activity depends entirely on people, this led us to create a philosophy based on a model of human scale development.

Video of the Month

Remember to always read the label first. The fact that users feel comfortable knowing the hazards does not mean that the product has not changed and may have additional hazards.
Review the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information and keep it handy as a reference. If in doubt notify the supervisor immediately, most importantly, use the information provided, your health and safety may depend on it!


Our compromise is providing differentiated services, we will create innovative tools, adaptable to the needs our clients.



We are committed to ensuring the safety of both our employees as the persons who directly intervene with our business.


We will maintain a monitoring and control permanent of our financial development, analyzing previously and in a systematic way the risks of all the businesses and services to be executed.

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